Contracts, Job Descriptions, Handbooks and Policies

Contracts and Documentation

I am able to draft policies and documents suited to your particular business, or close loopholes in existing documents. My experience means I can often anticipate what might cause you a problem.

Some HR providers insist you have brand new documents when taking their services – I don’t. I am happy to simply review what you currently have and make suggestions about what you need or would benefit from.

Pricing is bespoke to the amount of work required or requested by the client.

If you just want a review of your documents and practices, I can do a HR Health Check, which covers your legal compliance, basic documentation and suggestions you might like to consider for the future. This is a fixed price, and while it does not cover the work that might be needed to amend or improve your contract or policy documents, it does cover guidance on matters of legal compliance and some standard documents are included free of charge.

LATEST NEW POLICY – I have rewritten my email, communications, internet and social media policy to keep up with the latest developments in technology. Many of these policies are a bit dated now and I find employees occasionally do things which slip through the gaps. So do get in touch if you would like an updated policy on this.

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